Growth Insight Inc. is a corporate development consulting firm which works primarily with "best in class" clients in architecture, design, corporate and residential furnishings, manufacturers, distributors and contractors.




With years of experience owning, managing and consulting in the world of building, design and interiors, we bring real operational knowledge of processes, financial management, strategic planning and business development. Our partnership collectively has also been involved with over 20 acquisitions on behalf of both the seller and buyer. Our central mission is to help maximize a company's valuation and strengthen it for long term growth and profitability as well as helping our clients position themselves for sale or accelerated growth through acquisitions. We also have and continue to provide these services to selected clients in other industries including the financial services and industrial technology sectors.





Corporate Development Services including:


  • Business Sale/Divestiture

    For mid-market companies and divisions of larger companies, we enable the succeswsful sale of the business. We:

    • Identify the buyers for whom the business has highest strategic and financial value
    • Negotiate a deal that creates the most value
    • Manage the sale process to minimize delay, business disruption and risk
  • Corporate Value Enhancement

    For mid-market businesses and business units not yet ready for sale, we work with CEOs and management teams to enhance the value of the business. This is conducted through our three-fold Corporate Value Enhancement© in which we focus
    attention on

    • Goals, priorities and metrics
    • Profit levers
    • Process excellence & continuous improvement
  • Acquisition Strategies

    For large corporate acquirers, we develop and manage acquisition programs including planning, search, and strategic due diligence


We maximize value by tailoring our methods to fit the needs of our clients. Our specialized work is conducted within a container of discretion, trust and genuine partnering.